Do you want to help young athletes develop?


Consider becoming an ACA-CSC Registered Coach At Sasquatch Mountain Ski Club

We are plaining on running a 3 day on snow EL course at the beginning of next season. Let us know if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a coach with the club. Helmets and Slalom skis are required, participants must be a minimum of 15 years of age on the first day of the course. Once registered, there is an online module to complete prior to the course that takes about an hour.

The club is planning to open athlete registration as early as June. Our registration numbers rely primarily on our coaching numbers and there is an option for both part time or full-time capacity.
Approximately 15 days minimum of coaching is required to have your season pass reimbursed.

Registration Coming Soon



The coach-in-training (CIT) licensing program has two streams based on the level of experience of the candidate and their on-snow role. This licensing program ensures that all individuals working with children on-snow have met the insurers minimum requirements. All coach/athletes, volunteer coaches and 1st time CSIA instructors must meet the minimum insurers requirements to better ensure the minimum safe in sport standards are being met. All CIT registered coaches must declare their club affiliation during their annual membership renewal per CSA, insurers, requirements.


The coach-in training licensing programs serves as an introduction to alpine ski coaching for athletes transitioning from competitive ski racing (15 years of age and older), volunteer coaches, and parents interested in assisting a certified coach with the management of a group of ski racers at the Gliding Start and Skier Essential stage of development. This program is meant to pair up a prospective coach with a mentor coach during the initial stages of learning how to be a coach while supporting young developing ski racers.


If you are current CSIA Member and NOT a ACA-CSC Member and have been hired by a club to coach athletes under the age of 12 years, the CIT program enables you as a CSIA member to meet the insurers minimum requirements when you initially begin to coach. CSIA certified instructors are able to lead a group independently under direction of an ACA-CSC certified mentor coach once the entry level coach in training licensing requirements have been met. CSIA members who are 1st time hires in a ski club are required to complete the entry level course within 12 months of their initial hire date per the ACA policy for Accreditation from 2015.


Regular registration is for coaches who are actively coaching with an ACA member club or who wish to continue taking training courses or coaching evaluations that further certification. Regular members access all member benefits. (Exception CGL for members working for SQA or SQA Clubs). All Regular members must declare their club affiliation during their annual membership renewal per CSA, insurers, requirements.


Associate registration  is an option for those who are not actively coaching, but who still want to keep their coach registration in good standing. By changing your registration to an Associate status, you will avoid paying a reinstatement fee in the future. Associate registered coaches  have no CGL Insurance coverage under the ACA-CSC-CSA CGL insurance program unless they are taking ACA-CSC accredited/approved courses and only while taking ACA-CSC accredited/approved courses.


Affiliate status is intended for foreign coaches who wish to work in Canada and have a job offer in a Canadian program or who want to take an ACA-CSC course in Canada. Affiliate coach registration  is not available to coaches already living and/or working in Canada. Affiliate registered coaches  can take advantage of ACA-CSC registration benefits. For more information and an affiliate coach application form, refer to the ACA-CSC Policy for Integrating Foreign Coaches - Affiliate coach registration.  All affilitate coaches must declare their club affiliation during their annual registration renewal per CSA, insurers, requirements.