The SMSC Nancy Greene Program forms the foundation for lifelong enjoyment of the great sport of alpine skiing. This program is focused on fun and fundamentals of skiing development. Consistent with Nancy Greene’s philosophy, the emphasis is given on fair play and group competition. As kids progress, the focus is given on a technical skiing and introduction to racing.

Age group: Competitors aged 4 – 11 (as of December 31)

Skill level: Gliding Start, Skier Essentials, Learn to Train

Rules: For a list of quotas, rules and selection

Children who are physically educated feel confident. They are encouraged to build confidence and skills through competitive and recreational sport activity. They will enjoy overall health benefits by developing greater physical literacy, which encourages them to be more physically active throughout their lives. Skiing is a life-long sport that is practiced by people of every age, shape, size, ethnicity and level of ability, but skiing skills are not the only benefits of ski racing program. In addition, the children will learn:

  • Ski safety
  • Cooperation
  • Independence
  • Listening skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Goal-setting
  • Group/peer learning
  • Task-focused activities

The Nancy Greene Ski League – sponsored by Rio Tinto in B.C. – is a national program, inaugurated shortly after Nancy Greene Raine's gold medal win at the 1968 Grenoble Olympic Winter Games. Since then, the program has been successful in introducing thousands of children to alpine skiing. Many of Canada's top international skiers received their early training in Nancy Greene Ski League programs.

The program introduces children to basic ski techniques and skills, basic safety rules, and teamwork. Enjoyment of the sport and the mountain environment is also emphasized. The program is aligned with the Gliding Start, Skier Essentials and Learn to Train phases of the Long Term Skier Development Model (AIM 2 Win), and the Snow Stars Skill Achievements Program. Focus is put on developing skills to ski on all terrain, in all conditions and most of all, have fun on skis!

The Nancy Greene Ski League also introduces children to competition. These events, held at the club, zone, and provincial level, provide young skiers the opportunity to test the skills they have learned in the program in a fun and friendly environment. The emphasis in competition is placed on individual progress, team results, camaraderie, and fair play.